Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Norm continuity of weakly quasi-continuous mappings            0000-00-00
2    Sigma fragmentability in function spaces            0000-00-00
3    تت            0000-00-00
4    Stability of Ferchet functional equation            0000-00-00
5    Strong continuity of KC-functions and topological games            0000-00-00
6    Stability of derivations            0000-00-00
7    Norm continuity and quasicontinuity            0000-00-00
8    Uniquely remotal sets in special classes of functions            0000-00-00
9    Uniquely remotal sets in $c_0$ and $\\ell^\\infty$-sums of fuzzy normed spaces            0000-00-00
10    Midconvex set-valued functions            0000-00-00
11    Orthogonal set-valued mappings            0000-00-00
13    Stability of Baire and weakly Baire spaces            0000-00-00
14    Fixed point theorems for set-valued mappings in $b$-metric spaces            0000-00-00
15    Points of semi-continuity of set-valued mappings            0000-00-00
16    Coupled fixed points on a metric with a graph            0000-00-00
17    Norm continuity of pointwise continuous functions into the space of continuus functions            0000-00-00
18    TOPOLOGICAL GAMES , SEPARATE AND JOINT CONTINUITY    M.Sc.    haji abbas zadeh azar, pari    2011-04-25
19    Stability of set-valued functions    Ph.D    mahdavi, mostafa    2011-06-15
20    Joint continuity of separately continuous mappings            2011-09-13
21    Operator functions and types of positive maps    Ph.D    Najafi, Hamed    2012-01-09
22    ON ORTHOGONALLY EXPONENTIAL FUNCTIONALS    M.Sc.    kor, afiyeh    2012-05-16
23    Lie derivations on module extension Banach algebras    Ph.D    Mokhtari, Amir Hosein    2012-05-19
24    Linear selection of set_valued functions    M.Sc.    karimi, marjan    2012-11-21
25    A study of the properties of operators on Hilbert spaces    Ph.D    Pourbahri Rahpeyma, Omid    2012-12-02
26    Norm Inequalities for Operators    Ph.D    Bakherad, Mojtaba    2012-12-26
27    Maps preserving zero product on Banach algebras    M.Sc.    seyedabousaeidi, vajihe    2013-04-21
28    Volterra spaces    M.Sc.    talebi, ali    2013-05-19
29    topics in non archimedean spaces    M.Sc.    sodeyfi, niloofar    2013-05-19
30    Quasi-continuous functions and their applications    M.Sc.    Pourmemar, Akram    2013-07-09
31    Ky Fan inequalities    M.Sc.    faraji, fatemeh    2013-08-04
32    Operator inequalities for positive linear mappings    Ph.D    Dadkhah, Ali    2013-10-20
33    Arens regularity, biprojectivity and biflatness of some Banach algebras    M.Sc.    ahmadnia, neda    2013-11-05
34    Birkhoff-James Orthogonality    M.Sc.    abdollahzade, fateme    2014-04-20
35    Self-mappings on generalized metric spaces    Ph.D    Alinejad, Zahra    2014-05-06
36    Exact and approximate operator parallelism    M.Sc.    omrani, faride    2015-01-25
37    special functions in uniform spaces    Ph.D    hosseini, boshra    2015-02-18
38    Maps preserving rank one operators and orthogonality preserving mappings    M.Sc.    rahimi aghcheshmeh, reza    2015-02-27
39    Existence of fixed points for set-valued mappings    M.Sc.    rezapoor, a    2015-03-01
40    existance fixed point on c*-algebra    M.Sc.    zamani navchi, hajar    2015-04-12
41    Fixed point theorems in generalized metric spaces    Ph.D    haji mojtahed, malihe    2015-06-15
42    The generalized topological spaces    Ph.D    delfan, ahmad    2016-01-27
43    The behavior of special functions into generalized metric spaces    Ph.D    negahban, marzieh    2016-02-20